The first step in selling a house is to analyse the market, which consists of:

  • Analysing recent sales in the market which have similar characteristics as the property that you want to sell.
  • A detailed inspection of your property, this step allows us to define our market objective, to be able to address offers, setting an adequate price, thus generating a larger pool of potential clients.

The key to selling any property is to give it the best exposure possible, so that it can be shown to a greater sum of potential buyers, we achieve this by incorporating the below tools:

  • List the property in real estate portals, on our web and other property listing services that exist in the market, thus reaching a higher percentage of professionals in the sector. This will result in your listing being seen by thousands of potential clients.
  • Make a photographic report of your property where we detail its characteristics and accentuate the most attractive parts of the property.
  • Above all it is essential that we advise how to decorate the property to maximise its potential.